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We provide high quality digital and analog recordings. Using only the best Class A equipment your music will be captured at its best. Whether you want to record a song from scratch at our studio, or bring in your pre recorded sessions and finish the process with us, we are here to help get the music out in the highest quality possible. Record track by track (overdubbing) or Live to get the right feel. For more info on the two recording styles contact us and we will discuss them in depth.  



  • Pro Apogee Symphony Converts 

  • Vocal Booth 

  • Neumann U87, Akg c414 Microphones 

  • Api, Neve, Tube  Microphone Pre-amps 

  • 1176ln, Distressor Compressors 





  • Back line P.a. 

  • Lud wig Drum Set 

  • Marshall Halfstack

  • Fender deluxe tube amp 

  • Acoustics Bass Amp